3 Things Cruiser Bicycles Owe Their Fame To

Cruiser bicycles have been popular out there for a very long while. You may not even know that their history goes far back in time, to the post-Great Depression years, when most of the American families could not even afford a bike. 80 years back, when the first cruiser bicycles appeared, they were quite innovative for their era. With larger tiers, with heavy steel frames and with a seat that was more comfortable than other bikes, these ones were created for the average Americans, especially since their prices were quite low for those days. And although the popularity of the cruiser bikes has seen its ups and downs, they are still famous out there and they are still among the favorite bikes bought and used by the large majority of Americans.

One of the things that make these beach cruiser bikes so popular is precisely the fact that they are not pricy at all. Nowadays, you can buy a beach cruiser with as low as $120 and you can reap all its benefits. If you compare this price to the prices practiced for other types of bikes (which can get as high as $300 for the cheapest one), cruiser bikes are still budget-friendly and this makes them a great choice for the American families.

Another thing that makes cruiser bicycles so popular is related to their history. Since they are some of the oldest items made in the USA, many people feel nostalgic about them. Many of the baby boomers (who are parents themselves today) have owned one such bike at a certain point during their childhood and feel nostalgic about them (thus, they either purchase one for them or they purchase one for their children). Even more, the fascination people have started to have with retro and vintage items have brought the cruiser bike back into their attention.

Last, but most certainly not least, cruiser bikes are extremely popular because they are enjoyable to use. Nowadays, there are even more designs than 80 years ago and regardless of how you like to ride your bike, regardless of your sex, regardless of your age and regardless of what types of colors you prefer, you will find a model to suit you. Even more, the modern cruiser bikes have designs that are suitable for multiple ways of sitting in them: upright, relaxed, slouched and so on. All these features make these bikes popular among many people from all walks of life.